Crime Scene Innovation – FX/Compositing


Crime Scene Innovation is an ETC project sponsored by Dr. Henry Lee, one of the world’s foremost forensic scientists, to build a set of educational mini-games for the University of New Haven’s new forensic science center in New Haven, Connecticut. These games will join existing displays in educating visitors on modern methods of solving crimes with science and reasoning.

Using a touchscreen interface, Crime Scene Innovation’s games will provide guests with increasing levels of complexity, featuring pattern matching, decision making, and logic-based gameplay. These games will allow players to examine evidence and crime scenes based on actual cases, using actual techniques that forensic scientists employ to gather critical information in criminal cases: ballistic fingerprinting, blood spatter analysis, pathology, and evidence collection.

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Our 30 seconds teaser video

Our 3 minutes promo video


This is one of the cut scene animation clip for the product of this project.

For example, in one game, a bullet is fired into water. To animate this, I first broke the shot into layers—water—surface ripplesin the background, multiple water particles layered on top of that, then the bullet itself, more particles, andmotion lines. Afterthat, I added distortion to create the effect of looking underwater through a lens. I had to do that with every shot before we could pull them all together into an animation.