Spectrum Rush (BVW) – Modeling/rigging/animation/FX

tx_title screen_170

Spectrum Rush is a 4 weeks project in my Building Virtual World class. We have team of 4, a producer/sound designer, a programmer, a texture artist and myself is 3D artist worked on Modeling, rigging, animation and fx.

The original idea of this world is to create an experience to join audience and guests who are performing/playing on stage. We used motion trackers to track the bicycle paddles’ up and down coordinates to determined how fast should characters in-game move. The experience itself is like racing together and try to be at finish point at first. Audience will provide remote controls to control arrows that point color blocks at middle of screen to assist guests on stage and their characters necessary boost feature and possibly throw obstacles for the opponent’s team.

More images/videos of my work for this world will post soon.